Overseas Customer’s
VIP Club

The Overseas Customer’s VIP Club is limited to individuals who purchase a total of 1 million yen worth of tax-exempt goods ( within a given year.

Participating stores

  • Hankyu Department Store Umeda Main Store
  • Hankyu Men's Osaka
  • Hanshin Department Store Umeda Main Store
  • Hankyu Men's Tokyo
  • Hakata Hankyu
  • Kobe Hankyu

Membership Privileges

  • 7% off all purchases for Silver Card holders
  • 10% off all purchases for Gold Card holders (Customers who purchase more than 5 million yen worth of goods ( will be upgraded to Gold Card Membership)
  • Tax refunds are available even for discounted purchases.
  • The VIP card cannot be used in conjunction with other privileges.
  • Some items and brands are not eligible.
  • Calculation of the total purchase amount will start from the Silver Card issue date.
  • Purchase amounts cannot be added later.

Special Member Services

  • Priority tax refund processing(only at Hankyu Umeda MainStore, Hankyu Men's Osaka, Hankyu Men's Tokyo)
  • 2One-stop pickups for all purchases(only at Hankyu UmedaMain Store)
  • Provision of useful information about events, etc(Only fromHankyu Umeda MainStore;irregular)
  • Free luggage handling service(only at Hanshin Umeda Main Store)
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