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Introducing products that embody the skill and craftsmanship of Japanese artisans while highlighting the wonders of Japanese manufacturing.

  • Nosaku

    Established 107 years ago in Takaoka City, Toyama Prefecture, Nosaku is an ironware manufacturer. Cherishing "the beauty of materials," they are dedicated to craftsmanship that brings out this beauty, along with designs that suit the times. The beer mug, made of tin with luxurious gold leaf applied on the inside carefully applied by artisans from Kanazawa.

    Beer Mug - Gold Leaf

    7F Nosaku
  • Hyozaemon

    Designed for usability and ease of handling, these chopsticks are individually crafted by skilled artisans. Enjoy the random irregularities and comfortable fit that only skilled craftsmen can create. They are finished with multiple layers of 100% natural lacquer.

    Shaved Chopsticks - Black (Large)

    7F Chopsticks Hyozaemon
  • Kaikado

    Established in 1875, "Kaikado" is a venerable tea caddy specialist. The intricacy of the lid smoothly falling while pushing out the air inside is a result of handmade craftsmanship. Due to its high levels of airtightness, it can effectively protect ingredients from humidity, preserving them. As time goes by, the way its luster and color changes through usage will add new beauty to your tea caddy.

    Tea Caddy - Tin/Copper/Brass, etc.

    7F Kitchen & Dining
  • Edo Kiriko

    "Edo Kiriko" is handcrafted glassware featuring cut patterns produced from the late Edo period to the present in Tokyo. It was designated as a Traditional Craft by the Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry in 2002.

    Old Glass

    7F Kitchen & Dining
  • Yamada Heiando

    Featuring designs depicting both spring (cherry blossoms) and autumn (autumn leaves), this work can be enjoyed throughout the year. The legend of the carp transforming into a splendid dragon after overcoming turbulent waters is depicted using the traditional Japanese technique of makie, expressing symbols of success and health with sprinkled gold and silver powder.

    Decorative Fan - Koi in Spring and Autumn

    7F Yamada Heiando
  • Aramono-Zakka-Ten/Housewares shop

    "Aramono" refers to everyday items crafted meticulously by artisans from urban factories and rural villages. The Japanese broom gains more character with use and becomes comfortable to hold. With careful maintenance, it can be used for many years.

    Japanese Broom - Tokyo Type

    7F Aramono-Zakka-Ten
  • Shoyeido

    With the introduction of Buddhism in the 6th century, the art of incense arrived in Japan and has been passed down as a traditional Japanese cultural heritage to the present day. The Fragrant Wheel series, featuring traditional scents such as agarwood and sandalwood, invites you to experience the profound and expressive world of natural fragrances.

    Fragrant Wheel Kyoto Goshiki
    Silver Incense Stand: Autumn Leaves
    Square Incense Holder: Lazuli Color

    7F Shoyeido
  • Hotman

    We named our highly absorbent towel the "One-Second Towel" as it starts sinking within one second after floating a 1-cm square of towel fabric in water. This Japanese-made towel ensures effective water absorption with just a gentle press against wet hair or skin.

    One-Second Towel

    7F Hotman

    Introducing sustainable items made with Japanese craftsmanship from thread and fabric to sewing. The organic cotton brand Pristine embraces sustainability, enriching your everyday life. The products feature natural materials and a unique double-layered gauze fabric with a soft and plush feel that becomes even more gentle and fluffy with each wash.

    Double-layered Gauze Pajamas

    7F Pristine
  • LOFTY Pillow Workshop

    "LOFTY Pillow Workshop", which offers pillows tailored to each customer based on measurements, is favored by many top athletes in Japan. The 9-Cell Pillow features a streamlined shape and a unit structure divided into nine sections, promoting smooth movements and enhancing sleep quality.

    9-Cell Pillow 040 Elastic Pipe

    7F LOFTY Pillow Workshop

    MADAMA pearls are natural pearls with unenhanced colors. Our pearls are meticulously designed to celebrate the inherent beauty of nature – the unique colors and shapes crafted by pearl oysters, influenced by the location in the sea and the type of shell.


  • Namiki

    The “Dragon” fountain pen is decorated with maki-e traditional Japanese lacquerware. Two dragons, popular symbols of protection and fortune, have been lacquered and polished under several layers for a 3D effect complemented by a dazzling mother-of-pearl inlay.

    “Dragon” — Emperor collection of lacquer fountain pens

    10F Namiki

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