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An underground treasure trove of treats!
Introducing some of the best products from the Hankyu Umeda Main Store’s food floors.


    The crispy dough, baked to a golden brown with whole wheat and rye flour blended with sugar butter, perfectly complements the milky white chocolate.

    Sugar Butter Tree Sandwich

  • Fermented CALPIS PARLOR

    Indulge in luxurious financiers made with the rich Calpis® Fermented Butter, born during the creation of the refreshing lactic acid beverage Calpis. These financiers are characterized by their sweet aroma and profound richness.

    Fermented Butter Financier

    B1 Fermented CALPIS PARLOR
  • Shinjuku TAKANO

    Established in 1885, the same year as the opening of Shinjuku Station, Shinjuku TAKANO is famous for its long-standing bestselling Fruit Chocolates. These colorful, bite-sized chocolates come in six delightful flavors: blueberry, strawberry, lemon, mango, melon, and banana.

    Fruit Chocolate SP Ribbon

    B1 Shinjuku TAKANO
  • Masahiko Ozumi Paris

    Our Mont Blanc cake boasts a distinctive, fluffy form and intricate mesh pattern reminiscent of knitted yarn. Enjoy both its distinctive appearance and the beauty of its cross-section when sliced.

    Mont Blanc Japonais Noir

    B1 Masahiko Ozumi Paris

    A delicate and elegant confection, these Langue de Chat cookies, shaped like tulips, cradle a blooming rose chocolate. This exquisite treat has a set of three flavors: sweet and tangy berries, rich caramelized nuts, and refreshing passion fruit mango. The TULIP ROSE represents the brand's iconic creation – a melting rose of chocolate cream nestled within the delicate tulip.


  • Kamakura BENIYA

    We've baked a delicious treat by filling homemade caramel with walnuts and sandwiching it between buttery dough. Enjoy the luxurious taste of this confection that combines three delightful ingredients. It comes in a cute tin featuring the character "Squirrel Risu-kun." You can also reuse the empty tin as a decoration or a box.

    Kurumicco 10 pieces (in a tin)

    B1 Kamakura BENIYA

    The Cigare is a rolled-type cookie that swirls gracefully. We've crafted a thin, delicate dough using generous amounts of butter, expertly rolling and baking it to perfection. Experience its rich aroma, a crispy texture, and delicate melt-in-your-mouth goodness.

    Cigare(Set of 20)

  • Tsujirihei Honten

    Crafted with lavish use of Uji matcha and fresh cream to create a Kyoto-style baumkuchen. The airy and rich matcha-flavored cake is shaped like a bamboo stretching to the sky, capturing the essence of Kyoto.

    Bamboo Baum

    B1 Tsujirihei Honten
  • Isshindo

    Strawberry Daifuku with White Bean Paste are skillfully crafted with meticulously-selected Japanese strawberries chosen for their size, sweetness, and acidity. Our expertly-made mochi ensures a soft texture, even when chilled. Enjoy the delightful combination of the fresh strawberry aroma, the soft texture of the mochi, and the sweetness of the white bean paste.

    Strawberry Daifuku with White Bean Paste

    B1 Isshindo
  • Keishindo

    This is a set of four savory shrimp crackers: Red Prawn Grilled, Sweet Prawn Grilled, Shrimp Almond, and Peony Prawn Grilled, each generously crafted with flavorful shrimp. As soon as you open it, you can sense the aroma and the rich taste of shrimp that fills your mouth.

    Grilled Assortment

    B1 Keishindo
  • Lupicia

    Lupicia is a very popular premium Taiwanese oolong tea infused with the refreshing fragrance of juicy white peaches. The gentle aroma enhances the inherent refreshing taste of oolong tea.

    White Peach Oolong Premium 30g Illustrated Label Can

    B2 Lupicia
  • Japanese Sake

    This is an exceptional sake that has continuously received the highest gold award at the Monde Selection for 34 years straight (1989–2022). This sake truly lives up to the description of a "fragrant and full-bodied" drink, offering an elegant and refined aroma along with the true taste of rice.

    Wakayama Prefecture Rashomon Ryuju Junmai
    Daiginjo from Tabata Shuzo 720ml

    B2 Liquor (Sake, Wine, Beer)

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