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Discover Hankyu Beauty’s recommended cosmetics and beauty products from popular brands across the globe.

  • Elégance

    Enjoy superior, smooth skin with this high-quality face powder that helps prevent makeup loss and dullness caused by perspiration and sebum to keep your face fresh throughout the day.

    La Poudre Haute Nuance
    (Choice of 6 types) 11,000 yen


    The light, smooth feel of this easily absorbed face powder has been compared to the finest silk. Cover pores and unevenness with a soft-focus effect that helps hide shadows while leaving skin silky and smooth.

    Face powder
    (20 g ; choice of 6 colors)
    5,500 yen

    2F, 7F

    After application, this foundation changes over time to reach its full potential. Watch as this luxurious cream foundation seemingly melts into your skin, filling it with moisture for a refined, superior shine.

    The Cream Foundation
    (30g ; choice of 12 colors) 11,000 yen

    2F, 7F

    SHISEIDO’s ImuGeneration Technology,which generates and nurtures the skin’s natural defenses, helps protect your skin from the day ahead and beyond. Enjoy smooth, fresh skin full of natural beauty.

    Ultimune Power Infusing Concentrate N
    (50 ml) 13,200 yen

  • SK-II

    Introducing SK-II’s first product to address the fluctuating conditions of your skin. Take advantage of the continuous regenerating power of skin while also focusing on surface problems for longer-lasting beauty through resilient, glowing skin with this fresh, light emulsion.

    Skinpower Airy
    (50 g) 13,200 yen
    (80 g) 19,800 yen

  • clé de peau BEAUTÉ

    Instantly correct rough and dull areas on the skin with this makeup base for a beautiful single-tone appearance. Keep your skin moisturized, smooth, and radiant with every application.

    (40 g; SPF 25 PA++) 7,150 yen

    2F, 7F
  • IPSA

    This medicated lotion fills the surface of your skin with moisture while conditioning the texture at the same time. Enjoy a lasting feeling of freshness with The Time Reset Aqua.

    The Time Reset Aqua
    (200 ml) 4,400 yen [Quasi-drug]


    Essential—ALBION’s best-selling lotion introduced in 1974—prevents irritation and dryness, leaving skin feeling fresh and healthy.

    Medicated Skin Conditioner Essential
    (110 ml) 3,850 yen
    (165 ml) 5,500 yen
    (330 ml) 9,350 yen
    [Quasi-drug (all)]

    2F, 7F

    With 3,000 mg of HTC Collagen as well as hyaluronic acid in each packet, FANCL’s Deep Charge Collagen Powder dissolves easily in meals and drinks. Packets are also individually wrapped for convenient carrying.

    Deep Charge Collagen Powder
    (One pack [10 days’ worth; 3.4 g × 10 packets]) 1,193 yen
    (Three packs [30 days’ worth; 3.4 g × 30 packets]) 3,240 yen
    (Nine packs [90 days’ worth; 3.4 g × 90 packets]) 8,743 yen

    2F, 7F
  • POLA

    B.A Liquid contains POLA’s original compound ingredient “Ch-A Extract” for a quick-acting approach to enhancing your natural beauty. Enjoy a bottle a day of this richly flavored, caffeine-free beauty drink. And make sure to shake before drinking!

    B.A Liquid
    (1 box [20 ml × 12])
    9,504 yen

    2F, 7F

*Listed prices are tax-inclusive.

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