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This section features popular children's clothing brands and baby & maternity goods recommended by the 11th-floor Baby & Children’s Wear section of Hankyu Umeda Main Store.

  • Miki House

    This is a long-sleeved T-shirt with a moderate thickness and soft feel, made from Sea Island cotton. The Miki House logo is delicately adorned with golden thread at the chest. With an elegant and simple design, this piece conveys a sense of high quality.

    Long-Sleeved T-shirt: 24,200 yen

    11F Miki House
  • Miki House

    A sweatshirt crafted from Sea Island cotton looped pile, which contains a high amount of natural oils, resulting in a smooth and pleasant texture. You can experience an astonishingly soft feel with this garment.

    Sweatshirt: 38,500 yen

    11F Miki House
  • Miki House

    This innerwear made from Sea Island cotton knit gauze material, is suitable for wearing from right after the baby is born. The double-layered interlock creates an air layer in between, resulting in a fluffy, soft texture.

    Combination Innerwear: 13,200 yen

    11F Miki House
  • Miki House

    Made from polyester mesh, Miki House's classic baby shoes are a long-selling item, featuring adorable bear stitching. Recommended for baby shower gifts.

    Baby Shoes: 10,450 yen

    11F Miki House
  • Miki House

    Miki House's classic first shoes provide firm support for a baby's correct walking. Recommended for baby shower gifts.

    First Shoes: 13,200 yen

    11F Miki House
  • Miki House

    With sincere consideration for the delicate skin of babies, we have created a carefully selected formula. It allows the natural growth of the skin, providing gentle moisture to protect the baby.

    Baby Soap, Baby Oil, Baby Milk Lotion, Baby Cream: 4,180 yen

    11F Miki House
  • familiar

    A jumper skirt with just the right amount of firmness and thickness, and the red checks you associate with "familiar". It features frills on the shoulders and embroidery of house and apple tree motifs on the upper waist transition.

    Jumper Skirt: 17,600 yen to 22,000 yen

    11F familiar
  • familiar

    This vest for outings featuring Fami-chan and Birdie-chan wearing berets and riding in a slightly old-style car along the streets of Paris. It's a cute choice for something to wear when going out.

    Vest: 16,500 yen to 18,700 yen

    11F familiar
  • familiar

    Famichan, the adorable guard, is featured on the front of the cardigan. On the back, Famichan and friends are riding a London bus. If you look closely, you'll even find a gentlemanly Famichan wearing a silk hat!

    Cardigan: 22,000 yen to 24,750 yen

    11F familiar
  • Bétta

    This Dr. Bétta nursing bottle is designed to facilitate the ideal nursing posture. Dr. Bétta is dedicated to Japanese craftsmanship, continuously refining materials and nipples to create a superior product.
    Bottle: PPSU
    Cap Hood: Polypropylene
    Nipple: Silicone rubber
    【Country of Origin】

    Nursing Bottle (240ml): 3,190 yen

    11F Ume-Han Baby's Collection

    Crafted from a natural ceramic material, NUPPU features a gentle and warm texture with rounded edges for a pleasing touch. We believe the first utensils you encounter should be enduring and timeless. Infused with the maker's dedication, the tradition and expertise of Hasami-yaki pottery go into creating these pieces.
    Bowls, Plates, Mugs: Ceramic
    Spoon: Maple wood
    Bib: PVC Cotton
    【Country of Origin】
    (Available in 3 colors)

    Dining Set: 11,000 yen

    11F Ume-Han Baby's Collection
  • 10mois

    Designed to be versatile enough to be used from weaning to snacks, these plates are shaped like clouds for easy scooping. Made from environmentally-friendly biomass plastic, they are microwave and dishwasher safe.
    Bamboo powder blended biomass plastic
    【Country of Origin】
    (Available in 4 colors)

    mamamanma Plate Set: 3,630 yen

    11F 10mois

    A non-slip pelvic belt suitable for both prenatal and postnatal use. Supporting three key points around the pelvis – the sacroiliac joint, greater trochanter, and pubic symphysis – it provides gentle and comfortable support for the lower back.
    【Country of Origin】Japan
    (Available in 4 colors)

    Pelvic Belt: 7,700 yen


    Belta Folic Acid Supplement is a multi-vitamin folic acid supplement containing a total of 83 nutrients, including 480 μg of folic acid, 27 types of vitamins and minerals, 20 types of amino acids, and 23 types of vegetables, essential for the health of both mother and baby.
    【Country of Origin】Japan
    24.0g (400mg x 60 tablets)

    Belto Folic Acid Supplement (60 tablets): 2,679 yen

    11F Ume-Han Baby's Collection

    A supplement for hardworking mothers who are busy with housework and childcare and are unable to take care of their mental and physical health. Contains krill oil that allows efficient ingestion of omega-3 fatty acids such as DHA and EPA, which are essential for nutritional support during breastfeeding and maintaining health while raising children. It also contains beauty ingredients such as placental extract andS collagen.
    【Country of Origin】Japan
    19.13g (1 tablet 425mg x 45tablets)

    Bertama Rhythm 45 tablets: 2,679 yen

    11F Ume-Han Baby's Collection

    A special occasion style exuding an elegant atmosphere.

    Tuxedo: 157,300 yen
    Gilet: 44,000 yen
    Shirt: 37,400 yen

    11F Kids International Boutique "EMPORIO ARMANI"

    A box silhouette T-shirt featuring the MARNI logo printed on the front. Made from 100% cotton, ensuring a comfortable fit.
    【Sizes】 110~160cm
    (Available in 5 colors)

    T-shirt: 13,200 yen

    11F Kids International Boutique"MARNI"

    A casual shirt made from lightweight cotton oxford. Whether for formal or casual use, it's easy to coordinate with other items.

    Oxford Shirt: 13,200 yen and up

    11F Kids International Boutique "RALPH LAUREN"
  • Bonpoint

    Crafting a refined and three-dimensional silhouette, this dress features pleats and a waist belt designed from the chest. The removable white collar adds versatility, making it suitable for different occasions. The soft material further enhances its distinctive appeal.

    Dress: 62,700yen and up

    11F Kids International Boutique "Bonpoint"
  • Bonpoint

    This face cream, from the French children's clothing brand Bonpoint, is suitable for babies to adults. With a light and smooth texture, it guides the skin to a fine and smooth complexion. The cream provides moisture, leaving the skin plump, soft, and refined.
    【Capacity】 50ml
    【Country of Origin】France

    Face Cream: 11,550 yen

    11F Kids International Boutique "Bonpoint"
  • Bonpoint

    From the renowned French children's clothing brand Bonpoint, we present a fragrance that symbolizes the essence of the maison. Crafted with natural ingredients, it exudes a refreshing and luxurious scent.
    *Suitable for children aged 6 and above.
    【Capacity】 100ml (contains alcohol)
    【Country of Origin】France

    Eau de Bonpoint: 13,200 yen

    11F Kids International Boutique "Bonpoint"
  • agnès b.

    The logo T-shirt from agnès b. is a classic and popular choice. Made from comfortable cotton material, it's a simple and timeless item.

    Logo T-shirt: 6,600 yen

    11F agnès b.

    Featuring a comfortable and roomy silhouette, this T-shirt is versatile enough to be worn on its own or for layering, ensuring extended wear throughout the seasons. Designed as a unisex item, it's suitable for both male and female.
    (Made in Japan)

    Border T-shirt: 6,930 yen

    11F SHIPS
  • patagonia

    A beloved classic from patagonia, the Baby Retro-X Vest is crafted from 100% recycled polyester soft pile fleece, offering both windproof and insulating qualities.

    Baby Retro-X Vest: Starting from 11,550 yen

    11F Moda Bambini

    Radiating a playful and energetic vibe, the STELLA McCARTNEY KIDS collection introduces a whimsical piece featuring a seashell motif and delightful pastel colors, making it a playful and eye-catching addition for girls.

    T-shirt: 11,000 yen

    11F Moda Bambini
  • kate spade new york

    Indulge in the luxury of a jacket and skirt ensemble crafted from opulent Italian tweed fabric, adorned with sequins created by combining a range of different design threads.

    Jacket: 29,700 yen, Blouse: 14,080 yen and up, Skirt: 23,100 yen, Hair Bow: 4,180 yen

    11F kate spade new york
  • ANNA SUI mini

    Handmade with ribbon embroidery, this knit jacket features a flower design and has a compact bolero length, creating a perfect balance with dresses. It exudes a clean and noble impression, suitable not only for formal occasions but also for everyday outings.

    Knit Jacket: 20,900 yen, Dress: 26,400 yen

    11F ANNA SUI mini
  • Camper

    The "RUNNER FOUR FW" children's shoes are designed with the same functionality as adult shoes while being tailored to small feet. These shoes combine a soft leather upper, a high-grip outsole, and a removable insole with excellent cushioning, making them perfect for everyday wear.

    Children's Shoes "RUNNER FOUR FW": 14,300 yen

    11F Children's Shoes and Accessories

    These ballet shoes feature an elegant design with enamel material and grosgrain ribbon. With a flat sole, they also provide stability.

    Formal Shoes: 6,380 yen

    11F Children's Shoes and Accessories

    For girls who love sparkly and fluffy things, and always want to be surrounded by cute items, this innerwear features a romantic design with tulle and ribbons.
    【Country of Origin】Japan, Vietnam

    Girls' Top (Sleeveless): ¥3,850

    11F WACOAL Kids & Junior
  • BorneLund Brainy Store

    This is a popular original Japan-exclusive set in the series, featuring eleven shapes, three types of curves, wheels, and various parts, helping creative play expand rapidly. Recommended from around age 3 when children can distinguish colors and shapes.

    Magformer Discovery Box (71 pieces): 19,800 yen

    11F BorneLund Brainy Store
  • Atelier NIKI TIKI

    Cuboro is a toy where 5-cm cubes with grooves can be cleverly assembled to create a path for a dropped marble to travel from the top to the bottom. Connecting these marble paths even on the hidden inside ends up developing three-dimensional spatial skills and concentration. A toy that can be enjoyed by all generations together.
    40 pieces in total, with 6 marbles. Recommended age: from around 3 years old.
    【Sizes】1 piece: mainly 5 × 5 × 5 cm
    【Materials】Wood, glass (marbles)
    【Country of Origin】Switzerland

    Cuboro Junior by Cuboro: 39,600 yen

    11F Atelier NIKI TIKI
  • Otogi Nail

    A gentle water-soluble nail polish made in Japan with natural ingredients. Perfect for kids with thin nails and moms who want to take care of their nails. It can be easily removed with warm water, adding fun to parent-child activities on holidays!

    Kids Nail 2-color Set: 3,740 yen

    11F Children's Shoes and Accessories

*Listed prices are tax-inclusive.

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