WITH Good Harmony

We at Hankyu Department Store Umeda Main Store, through our corporate activities,
will fulfill our role in building a more sustainable global society.

The happiness of people and nature coexisting in harmony and continuing to live a rich life.
The happiness of people being in harmony with the local community and with society, and living in a friendly world.

We are engaged in initiatives that will lead to a richer and livelier future and a world where everyone can have a smile on their face.

We are proactively developing product lines and events, store layouts, and so on, with an eye on sustainability.

WITH Good Harmony

with the earth

People and nature coexisting in harmony and living a rich life.

  • Protection of nature

    “ON & DO”
    The beautifying power hidden in camellia.

    These cosmetics fully utilize the ingredients found in the flowers and leaves of the camellia plant, grown on unused rural land after having been cultivated for centuries on the Goto Peninsula in Nagasaki.
    The packaging uses paper that has been FSC-certified as a wood-based product sourced to forests certified for their responsible forest management. The container has an original design that uses minimal plastic.

  • Consideration for animals

    From material procurement to manufacture, we place maximum emphasis on sustainability.

    VEJA is a sustainable shoe brand that strives to make shoes by switching out leather for upcycle materials as soon as possible.
    Based on the ideal of “changing the way sneakers are made, while being headquartered in France most of the production is performed in Brazil. The soles are manufactured through contracts with Brazilian rubber farmers. By using canvas fabric produced by local cotton farmers, this not only supports the incomes of farmers but also creates new jobs.

  • Conservation of the environment

    From the container to the packaging, it’s eco through and through.

    Ashitaba and shiso grown in the in-house recycling-oriented farms are used in a great many products. Products are marked with the natural derivation index calculated according to the method designated per ISO16128, which is the international standard.
    The bottles use more than 90% recycled glass, and those made of plastic use a bio-polyethylene material to reduce CO2.

for the smile

People being in harmony with the local community and with society, and living in a friendly world.

  • Passing down traditions

    “Oak Village”
    Passing down Japanese carpentry techniques, and growing forests.

    Oak Village makes proposals for everything from furniture, tableware, and stationery to wooden buildings, while preserving the traditional woodworking techniques of which “kigumi,” which does not involve any metal tools whatsoever, is the representative example.
    We are engaged in sustainable initiatives, such as sustainable, recycling-oriented production and afforestation and reforestation activities of hardwood trees in our homeland of Gifu Prefecture among other places.

  • The children’s future

    So babies can think only of what feels good.

    At Ikuji-kobo, we use organic cotton made from plants grown in accordance with strict standards for pesticides and fertilizers on a farm recognized by a certification body, and harvested after waiting until the plants have withered, which is called “fully ripe cotton.” These undergarments are knitted slowly on a traditional hang knitting machine, contain plenty of air, and are soft and fluffy, making them gentle on babies’ skin.

  • Social good

    Bringing the joy of creating and the joy of using into the future.

    The organic textiles used by NADELL are made from clean materials produced on farms that are free of child labor, unfair labor, and environmental pollution caused by pesticides, which allows us to put into practice manufacturing that is safe for both the producer and the purchaser. With the goal of carrying the traditional techniques of Japan’s artisans into the future, we are sticklers for our products all being made in Japan.

Hankyu’s Actions

Employees working in Hankyu Umeda Main Store act in consideration of what they can do for the earth.
Here we introduce you to our sustainable initiatives.

  • Making upcycle decorations

    At Hankyu Umeda Main Store, we are creating a shopping environment with an awareness of the environment. Our tree decorations are made from reused, SDG-certified cardboard made of a strong, lightweight, eco-friendly material. Used ones are disassembled and put in storage.

  • Improving sustainability awareness

    We hold company contests where employees compete for points based on their eco actions. By changing our day-to-day activities just a bit, such as bringing reusable water bottles and diligently turning the lights off, it’s an opportunity to improve sustainability awareness. As a result of these initiatives, we have reduced CO2 emissions by 23.8 metric tons per week.

  • Plogging: A new employee eco action

    Plogging, a new fitness activity originating in Sweden, combines picking up garbage and jogging. Departing Hankyu Umeda Main Store, employees enjoyed the scenery of the nearby riverside on a roughly 2.5-km jogging course, while picking up a combined 3 kg of trash.

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